REDEFINED: Not Your Ordinary Black Girl

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This story is a part of Lit Mag: The Redefined Issue.

African American women are stereotyped as “ratchet, loud and Angry.”  Stereotypes are forced on all races. Whether stereotypes say Chinese people are the smartest or Mexicans are drug dealers many minority communities find themselves stuck in a box they didn’t ask to be in. They say the average black girl has a long weave, she’s always popping her gum and moves her neck while talking. Black women are portrayed as less than men and always violent.

Reality shows like “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “Love and Hip Hop” and “Bad Girls Club” represent women in the worst way possible. African American women and actresses should consider not taking on roles like these just for the sake of money. It portrays black women as unprofessional and unladylike. The media see us as entertainment or a good laugh and that’s exactly what we are giving them. Reality TV doesn’t dictate how someone acts in real life but it does give viewers opportunities to judge us as if this is the first impression.

I have been stereotyped this way without being known on a personal level. Throughout my 18 years of living, I have been called ratchet numerous times. I do believe I have a little of these traits in me but I know when to bring it out and how to control it. I find it disrespectful how we are stereotyped. Not all African American women are ratchet, loud and angry.

There are women like Gabrielle Union, Vivica A Fox., Halle Berry and Angela Bassett who exemplify African American women in the best way. They’re successful and have shown the world we are not what the society portrays us to be.


Dakota Hayes – I am an 18-year-old multitalented upcoming MUA. Makeup expresses me as a person and who I am. I believe my make-up is different from other people because not everyone can do makeup like me and no one can look just like me even if they tried to do the same technique as me.

My art is influenced by Aaliyah Jay and Petite-Sue DIVINTII and also HeFlawless on YT.  My unique makeup history gives me a passion to keep doing what I am doing and develop even more skills.

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