REDEFINED: Not About Looks

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This story is a part of the Lit Mag: The REDEFINED issue.


“Not About Looks” features two teenage girls from Oakland and their experiences dealing with body image and self-confidence.


Marbell Solis, 16, explains what beauty means to her and explores what others may deem as perfection. “Beauty to me means that you are different, you are unique, and you have your own way of being and you’re different from others,” she says.



Carol Vargas, 17, speaks on beauty stereotypes and representation in the media. “I would just like to see more short models and more like actors that are of color, you know,” Vargas said.


People are different, let’s celebrate what makes each other unique.

I am an aspiring actress interested in telling people’s stories through my art. I am inspired by my diverse community and I want them to be evident in what I make. I like to collaborate with others and get different opinions and perspectives. I have had several years of experience doing theater in both a classroom and stage setting. I went to art school for three years and am currently taking a drama class at school.

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