REDEFINED: Music is Life

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This is apart of Lit Mag, the REDEFINED issue.

On a normal day what does your music playlist look like? What about when you are having a good or bad day? Does your playlist look the same? It’s easy to see how music and the brain interact in terms of mood and emotion. 

Have you ever been in your feelings and Bryson Tiller TRAP SOUL album was your go to for music? Well here is why…music causes the heartbeat and pulse rate to relax to the beat of the music. As the body becomes relaxed and alert, the mind is able to concentrate more easily. It also decreases blood pressure and enhances the ability to learn. Music affects the frequency of brain waves. It affects breathing rate and electrical resistance of the skin. Information from states that even short pieces of happy or sad music can affect us. A study shows that after hearing a short piece of music, participants were more likely to interpret a neutral expression as happy or sad, to match the tone of the music they heard. So create your playlist for cooking, taking a walk or even just for your own down time.

I am heavily influenced by the underground music scene in the Bay Area.  My favorite music genre is hip hop because it’s what I grew up listening to and I feel like I can relate to it. I was born in Berkeley, California but was raised in Richmond. 

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