‘Purple Reign’ is Climbing the Charts

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Purple RainLast Saturday, Future dropped a new mixtape called Purple Reign. This 13 track mixtape was produced by his go-to collaborators Metro Boomin and DJ Esco and was released as a free download on January 17. The mixtape’s arrival comes just a month after Future announced his Purple Reign tour with Ty Dolla$, which kicks off Feb. 17.

This mixtape had a lot of slower songs than his last joint mixtape with Drake.  It has 1 million plays, and more than 11,000 upvotes on an app called livemixtapes. One pro is the collaboration of both dj’s,which is rare. I am a big fan of future, this is his best mixtape since “56 Nights”. My favorite song on the album is “Purple Reign”, or “Never Forget”. The vibes of both of these songs are completely different. Purple Reign is more of a slow song, and Never Forget is a more hyped up beat.

I wish the mixtape would have had more features, it would have been cool to see how other artists would contribute to his beats. Also included In this mixtape, future talks about his addictions to pain-killers and lean, which is nothing new. He also mentions his ex-fiance Ciara and her new fiance Russell Wilson, and how Ciara refuses to let him see his son. I would definitely recommend this to any fan of futures, I don’t recommend this for children under 14. It has a lot of profanity and explicit content such as drug use, violence, and sexual situations.


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