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By Jonathen

PureData is a visual programming language that allows you to create software, called “patches”, to control audio, video, and other forms of multimedia. I first found PureData when I was googling “making virtual instruments”. I’m really into digital audio and I was looking for a way to make my very own virtual instrument. When I saw the abilities of this program on YouTube, I immediately downloaded it to my computer to test it out, all for free.

The PureData language is very easy to use and understand. PureData can be used to create virtual synths and effects, as well as drum machines and samplers. PureData can take control of music programs, and even record data of virtual instruments into a patch. PureData is also a cross-platform, meaning you can play your patches on your computer, or on your mobile device.

PureData is great, but it can be slow when working on a big project. If you were trying to record audio, you would have to buy a USB microphone or an audio interface and a wired mic. Nevertheless, PureData is extraordinary. If you are interested in sound design or just want to test the waters, I highly recommend that you download PureData and give it a try.

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