Pretty Little Liars Review

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“Pretty Little Liars” is the hit American TV show on ABC Family every Tuesday. It stars Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Trojan Bellisario, Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse. The series follows five high school girls who are being followed by a hidden identity which calls himself / herself A, which is making their life miserable.

“Pretty Little Liars”  takes you on a journey on everything that happens to these five teenage girls and how they are trying to figure out who it is with nobody to help them but each other.

The reason why I like the show a lot is because every episode you watch is very suspenseful, dramatic and thrilling and you never know what’s going to happen after every show. Not only is the show dramatic but the actors do a really good job of playing their rolls to make it very believable. My one favorite thing about this show is how the actors play their role to make every episode feel dramatic, in my favorite episode Spencer, played by Trojan Bellisario, walked in a room and found her friend Mona dead. She was in shock for a minute but when she realized what had happened silent she cried silent tears and she covered her face.

The one thing I dislike about this show is that its based on trying to find one person and five seasons later we still don’t know.

Overall I really recommend this show for everyone.


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