Police Brutality

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By Toni

One day I was walking from class at youth radio since I live very close. While walking I stopped at a cross walk which was located at the 12th Street exit from the freeway. 402725350_72c28b37e8_oI was going to walk but I decided not too. For one, the office exited his car and the first thing he did was grip his gun. This startled me not only because I know the reputation that police officers have from the Mike Brown shooting and various situation involving police and African American confrontation. Not only that if he open fire, we all getting hit! He yelled at the women to get out of the car in board traffic and told her to get on the ground. While being to do so the women kept asking what she had done and the officer kept asking her to get on the ground. After this I decided to cross the street finally and continue to make my way home. This really shaken me because I had always heard of police brutality weather it be on Rodney King level or a simple negative slur, it is alive and well. I was just grateful it was not I being pulled over since I do drive from time to time or just being harassed while walking home. Unfortunately that African American woman was not so lucky, being the whole 12th Street intersection had to see her being humiliated. I feel this is a contasnt problem across America, especially with the recent incident of mike brown with the same protocol being used as the woman I saw getting arrested the other day. Mike Brown just unfortunately got extreme and detrimental police brutality. No matter how many young African American’s have to be murder and protests have to go on until this issue is confronted.

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