Pokemon Adventure

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By Xingzhou

When I was a kid, I loved watching Pokemon. I would never stop watching it until bedtime. I got so into Pokemon that I would go out and explore the woods near my house and pretend I was in that world. I packed my bag with pokeballs that I got from McDonalds and went out to explore without my mom noticing.

As I was in the woods, I saw a mysterious shadow behind the rocks. I walk over and threw a pokeball at it. I looked behind the rock and it was a old lady trying to exercise. She yelled at me and I ran away.

At that time, I was only 5, and did not know how to get back to my house. The woods were a very different in the show everything is green, lush, and cheerful from the woods in Pokemon. The woods I was in were demolished, branches laid on the ground and the trees had barely any leaves. As It was turning night my mom found me and I threw a pokeball at her to see if it works. She hit me and took me home.

I learned that day that everything on T.V shows is mostly fake.


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