Past to Future

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The Heart

By Theresa L.

We all have a designated purpose in the world that we live within. Our personal aspirations and interests are what motivate us to be successful in our future. We all have a past and all have obtained various different life lessons through every experience encountered. As for myself, my childhood was a complex time period within my life. I was adopted at the age of twelve. The experience has drastically changed my life and aspects of the world around me. I could go into thorough detail of the complications and negative situations with the experiences of family, community, and foster care. However, instead of dwelling on the past, I can look at the positives of every experience and make a difference. During the twelve years of being in foster care, I can say from experience that life is not fair and does not consist of a lifestyle with a white picket fence. Numerous experiences that I have encountered are abuse, poverty, and unbeneficial nourishment.

God gives struggle to the strongest people. Therefore, I can say that the positive has outweighed the negative. Throughout my lifespan, I have come to realize the importance and meaning of family, love, and happiness. Things in life are not perfect and life was not easy to grasp and thoroughly understand as a child; however, I would not change a thing. My biological parents were young and immature, which means that they could not handle the responsibility of my two sisters and myself. The people that you unconditionally love do not always feel the same about you. At times, the ones that you may love are not the best people to surround yourself with and do not always want the best for you. With that being said, God opened a plethora of doors in my life with great oppurtunities, giving me the ability to leave the past behind. I am a senior in high school applying for numerous colleges, participating in several programs, and bonding with my family.

Life comes with complications and oppurtunities; you just have to be motivated to choose your path. The experiences that I have overcome contribute to the person that I am becoming.

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