Party Party

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I hear parties are fun and all the cool kids go to them. Have you ever wanted to go to a party? I know I have. When I hear kids talk about how fun the party was. they never mention the bad things about partying. I know that partying can be fun but it is also dangerous.

The first party i went to was in the beginning of2015. My friend told me there was going to be a party in the 80s and it was friday so i wanted to go. I never really got to go to a party in oakland because my mom didn’t allow me. She said they were dangerous and shootings always occur when people are in a big group together.

Well I didn’t want to listen to her I was tired of being the only teenager who hasn’t gone to any parties. So I met up with my friend and we went to the party. When I first got there I was so excited to finally be at a party. People were dancing and they had food and snacks on the bar. At first i was shy but then i saw some of my friends so I started dancing.The party was going really well everybody was having fun.

Then these boys came and they weren’t permitted to come in so they got upset and tried to start a fight. Security told them they had to leave, when they left everyone got back to partying. Thirty minutes later they started shooting up the party. All the people inside were scared and started running towards the back. I stood on top of the couch but my friend got squished. The police showed up and for a minute they would not let anyone leave.

I was very scared and at that moment I knew I should have listened to my mom. I had to walk home because the bus stopped running but luckily there were people to accompany me.

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