Overcoming Obstacles

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By Sheri

Not really knowing my father until I was 8 years old was a struggle. My mom always hid a lot about him from me. For example, every time I would bring him up she would lie to me or change the subject. When I did find out a lot of the things he did I was discouraged about his character, the actions in his past made me disappointed. The only thing I could ask my mom was “Why?” When you’re a kid growing up the way I did, you didn’t really understand adults reasoning. Why didn’t they tell me more? I just went with the flow of things. When I couldn’t control the outcome it was scary.

When I was 8 years old I was taken away from my family and placed in a foster home. Because of my father’s mistakes, I eventually went to live with my cousin until my mother was able to provide a stable life for me. I believe you can overcome any challenges you face. Your parent’s past does not define your future. In spite of what my parents have done, I’ve been doing positive things .In school I have good grades, I’m in more school clubs like BSU Black Student Union & success101 and college bound. I try to spend all my time with family. As a child, I didn’t understand everything going on in the moment. But looking back at it now it made me a stronger person and shaped my character and personality.












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