Oakland Is Not As Bad As People Make It Seem

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Dear Oakland,

I love your diversity; it’s like the rainbow, which means there are different colors. I love going to your First Fridays and hearing the music, and watching people move to the beat and seeing all your different individuals. I love looking at all your people’s paintings at First Friday. When I’m out on First Fridays, I see dance battles, fashion shows, and food samples. The aroma from your Lake Merritt makes me feel sick sometimes. It’s like a dead rat that’s been rotting for two weeks. When I go to your lake I can hear all the birds chirping. When I visit the dock I can see your sun set. Late at night I can hear your people weeping from getting shot. I can hear the sirens from your ambulance trucks, and your police cars. Your sirens are like a cry for help. Your buses are like turtles gasping for air.


You have done so much for me. I have grown and gained leadership skills here in your community. There are things that I wouldn’t have known about if it weren’t for you. You have impacted so many young folks’ lives. I see you as a great city, other people see you as a violent, drug-infested city. I don’t know why when people look at you they can only see you as something negative, instead of something positive. I believe that you are one of the best cities. I really enjoy living on your streets. If I were to leave you, I think I would really miss you. I love how you have recreational centers so when people get bored they will have something to do. I enjoy your parks. I think I would like to see some improvements though. I would like to see less killings, I think you should try to use money on things that you really need like new computers for students in school and more youth centers. I have high hopes for you to strive for success.



Lovina O.



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