Oakland is A Dangerous City

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By Iriyana

Oakland is a city where I was born and raised. It is a crazy, wild, but nice city. I have been growing up in oakland since I was a baby. I never moved outside of Oakland ever in my life, but I want to move when I get to college.

Oakland always has special public events for everybody to come attend. Sometimes they have parades, carnivals, and other special events for the community. Sometimes Oakland can be fun.

Oakland is a crazy city too. Oakland has a lot of crazy people. Oakland can be an angry city based on all the violence. According to The Mercury News there were 98 murders in Oakland last year. I knew 4 people out of those 98 people who were murdered.

From being in Oakland all my life I remember a lot of murders that happens around the neighborhood.  One time when I was 12 years old my cousins, sister, brother, and I were walking back from the store we heard loud gun shots like they were next to us. So we all started to run. I stopped and let all my siblings get ahead of me so they won’t get hurt before I did. We ran all the way back to our grandmother’s house where we would be safe.

Later on that day we found out that the person who was shot and killed was my mother’s friend. It didn’t affect my life because I knew him but because it’s harming the city I live in. I’m telling this story because Oakland sometimes can be angry and violent. People should be aware of their surroundings. And people should be aware of how their actions affect everyone who lives in this city.

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