My Life As The Eldest Brother

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16331962618_4da20fd657_oFor six years I was the only child between my parents, that was until April first, 2007, the day my little brother was born. That is when my life changed forever.

I grew up in Oakland, traveled a few states and saw the world with my mother and father alone for a few years, then one day after watching all the cartoons and seeing all of my friends  hanging out with their siblings, I asked my parents for a little brother. Little did I know how much I would hate it, but still not trade it for anything in the world. Being a big brother at seven was surprisingly easy at first, I got to hold him, talk to him, and occasionally feed him. But as the years passed he got smarter and more aware.

He began to get on my level mentally so he knew what to say and who to listen to. When he stopped doing the things I wanted him to do, I became annoyed and it was a constant battle for authority during those years. I wanted things my way and he wanted things done his way, and with us both being Aries there was lots of conflict between the two of us that still show in our relationship today. But, although we may have our ups and downs and he can be the most bothersome person in the world, that kid is an exact replica of me. I would do anything to help him succeed, after all that’s what a big brother is for.

Siblings often fight and their relationships don’t always mend. A bond between two siblings could really help both of them grow mentally, but  conflict is common between people who are close yet have a few different views on life.

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