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By Brion T.

Ever since I could remember I was around music and always encouraged to make my own. My dad had owned an entertainment company and a recording studio. I spent everyday as a child in the studio with my dad, watching over him as he engineered and recorded songs. I loved everything about what he did. So when I was five we had him write a rap for me. I was excited I created a rap name for myself Lil Maddogg. I got all my cousins and all my friends from the neighborhood with me to record my first song. It was called  “Where you at.”  I remember from 5 to about 8 years old I was performing everywhere from little kids parties and clubs all threw the bay area even doing performance at June tenth. I fell in love with music at a young age when I saw how I affected people with my music. I expressed my dedication in every performance and being able to have that free spirit feeling you get when you hear your favorite song. Having the experience of being an up and coming young artist gave me the motivation to master my talent and others skills needed to make it in the music industry today. Music may not be your talent but what ever your talent or hobby is I encourage you to follow it as far as it takes you.  Being successful in what you’ve always dreamed to be is always the best profession.

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