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Coffe & MusicBy Ryan

People shouldn’t judge about the music others love. You should ignore people that are negative towards the things you love. In order to express yourself toward others, show them that you’re not afraid to be who you really are. Music can really help you connect with others that have a similar personality as you. That way you can find a group that you can fit in. Never let anyone change the taste bud of your music; try to ignore the negative feedback you have received in your mind.

In order for me to be in a calmer state of mind, I listen to music to help me relieve my stress. People should have an open mind to the music others love because that type of genre might mean something to them. Music symbolizes moods of how people are feeling within their inner self. People should learn to accept others for who they are and don’t judge other preference of music. From listening to other genres of music, you can get a glimpse of their personalities. Never lose hope if others won’t accept you just because of the music you listen to, there are other people in the world you will meet that listen to the same type of genre you do. Never feel alone! You’re not the only person who listens to that particular type of music. You are who you are, and that’s what makes you special and unique. Don’t be afraid of being yourself. It’s not all about the appearances that matters; it’s about whom you are and your inner beauty. I can’t live without music; music is apart of my soul.

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