Love Music

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By Jade

Recently I fell in love with one of Beyoncé’s old songs “Dangerously In Love”.

The beat is medium pace. The song starts at a low volume then gets louder. This is the type of song you play or dedicate to your boyfriend, but you do not really dance to it. This song is basically a thank you for being my boyfriend type of song. She talks about how her husband sets her free, is there for her, loves her with all her flaws and  she is telling him how much she loves him. She talks about dedication, and that she cannot go on without him in her life.

The beat is very soft. It changes towards the end where it begins to fade out a little, then it comes back in slowly. Her voice is very smooth. She goes from soft then to loud. I enjoy listening to Beyoncé’s voice, and how she’s singing a love letter through music.

I like that she thanks him throughout the song. She is expressing how she feels about him and how he makes her feel.

One thing I do not like is the ending she fades out and comes back in.

I recommend this song to couples that are in love because it expresses love through a song and how much someone can appreciate you.



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