Living in a World of Racism

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By Esosa

My dad is a hard working man, he minds his business and does his work. One day when he was walking home from work, there was a robbery that took place at a liquor store across the street. Not knowing what happened at the store, my dad was chased by a security guard. The security guard allegedly thought my dad was the thief so he pursued him. Not knowing what to do, my dad ran and once the security guard caught up he started hitting my dad for no reason. Naturally my dad wanted to fight back, but knowing the security guard had a gun my dad didn’t fight back. He then got arrested for nothing, but finding out that he had nothing to do with the crime the cops released him with no record of the arrest. My dad wasn’t over the fact that he was accused and beaten up, which is why he sued the city and the security guard. He got 500,000 dollars for it. My dad is not a criminal or a mercenary; he’s just a regular person that has four kids just trying to make a living. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Just because he was a black man he was accused as the robber and he was beaten like a dog in the street. It was this incident that taught me that there is still racism in the world. Just because my dad is black he would always be victim to society. I knew racism happened in the past, but I didn’t know it would still happen today. To a certain extent, if someone walks into a room with a different color skin or different kind of cloths they will be judged on the spot. Racism still exists today. I hope people today will be more cautious how we treat each other.


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