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By Dale H.

As a kid I went through a really big struggle in life.
That person was my dad. A day before his birthday at around 11:40 at night my dad was standing at my cousin’s door when he accidently got shot in a drive by. His death made me feel like my life was over and it would be impossible to forget about what happen. But the then a few years after my grandma died of cancer and I didn’t no what to do. I had waked up in the morning and went into my grandma’s room and she was in the bed and I called her name and she didn’t answer. I ended up walking over to her bed and shook her arm and she didn’t wake up and I went to go get my mom. My mom came in the room and called the police. The police got there and the doctors told us that she had died and we all broke out in tears. A week after I went the funereal and it was really hard to pay attention because I was depressed and heart broken. Weeks went by and I would still cry when I heard songs that was sad or emotional. I had got over the struggle but then it all came back in second grade. It was all unexpected but I had to deal with madness and getting asked questions allot. As a kid it was a struggle growing up without a father and grandma. Everyday at school I would get asked why my mom would always pick me up. I wouldn’t get mad at first and would usually tell people why. But when I got in fifth grade I started to get mad because people started asking me what happen to my dad. I felt like that was my business and no one needed to no unless I told them.

When I went to the seventh grade I learned to stay in a positive mood even though I thought that he didn’t deserved to get killed and that his life was taken short for no reason. In eighth grade people would sometimes ask questions about my dad and I would just answer them in a positive mood. Now on I don’t get mad anymore when people ask me questions. It was really hard at first to not have a dad to tell you what’s good or what’s wrong. I will like to tell all the kids without a dad or mom or both to just strive through hard times and to stay in a positive mood.

R.I.P dad and grandma

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