League of Legends

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League of LegendsBy Xingzhou

Have you played a game called League of Legends? If not, let me tell you what this game is about. League of Legends was released in October 27, 2009 by Tom Cadwell.

The key to this game is to destroy their turrets, take out the Nexus which is the main objective of their base, and win. This game is also a 10 player game, there is a red team and a blue team, 5 on the red team, and 5 on the blue team.The max level is 30, when you reach level 30 you can play this gamemode called ranked mode. Ranked mode is a more challenging level than normal mode. In ranked mode, there are 7 level of rank: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Challenger. When you reach to challenger you can make your own team and request join the League of Legend Championship series where you can travel around the world and win cash.

There are pros and cons to this game. The pros are you get play with friends and have fun. It is totally free to play and it’s very satisfying. The cons are people are very mad if you made a mistake in that game. There are too many champions and items that you need to master and it is confusing, you need very fast reaction time to play this game.

I would recommend this game to anyone who are not aware of this game because it is a very fun game to play. It is totally free and you can yell at your friends if they make a mistake. League of Legends is the world’s most popular Multiplayer onine battle arena. About 30 million people are online everyday. Therefore, you should check out League of Legends

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