Karma Does Exist

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Karma Does Exist Core Class 2013
photo: Antii T. Nissinen via Flickr

By: Albert Rodriguez

It was a Sunday afternoon when my uncle decided to invite my family to go to the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. When my uncle asked my parents, if they wanted to go, they accepted the offer.

I was really excited, but at the same time I wasn’t because it was going to be a long drive. The arriving part to Santa Cruz would take forever. I was so bored in the car, so I decided to take a nap. Before I knew it, my family, my uncle, his kids, my grandparents, and I were there. After a while of setting up the chairs, umbrellas, and the lunch, my cousins and me decided to go in the water. All of a sudden, the water got really cold, so my cousins and I decided to get out. When we were on our way to our beach area, a seagull decides to poop on my hand. I got really disgusted; so I ran back to the water to wash it off.

When I came back with my family, they were all laughing at me, especially my older sister. Suddenly, another seagull comes to our beach area and decides to take a poop on my sister’s thigh. At that moment, she started yelling and I was laughing, clapping my hands like a seal.

That day, I found out that karma does exist because if you do something bad then you’re going to get a consequence from your action.

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