Kanye West ft Jesus

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By Lili A.

A stark-like silver mountain with a projected circle above it with words inside in white chunky letters screening the five phrases: fighting, rising, falling, searching and finding onto the ceiling. Choir like voices bomb the Oracle Arena and the voices appear on stage looking practically naked from the distance but actually in full nylon suits showing only the slight curves of the different shaped but all similarly slim woman. Kanye is keeping everyone waiting, “where’s Kanye West at?” He comes out quickly and loudly with “On Sight.” It catches you off-guard but bringing you back to warmth with the gospel like chorus. Although row 120 seat 2 gave the disadvantage of not making-out Kanye’s rap it didn’t prevent the crowd or rows from being fully engaged in his performance. His Givenchy masks contributed to the substantial amount of religious imagery that gave the show the infinite type of feeling the whole time.  My personal favorite was his older material such as the orchestra of “All Of The Lights,” “Jesus Walks” and “Good Life”. With his theoretical ambition he gives a motivational speech on the media, limitations, and the importance of fulfilling of your dreams. This was a profound moment in my life that shaped the person I want to become. It gave me a different perspective on the little things in life. It taught me that there are bigger things out there for me to fulfill.


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