Is Spanking Kids OK?

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Were you ever spanked when you were a child? When I grew up I was spanked but I have not been spanked since I was 12 and I am now 14. I personally think it teaches kids that parents don’t have the patience to deal with them. But that is also coming from a kid’s perspective. Although all 50 states allow parents to spank their children some states have special laws. Delaware does not allow a parent to hit a child with a closed fist, but in Oklahoma there are no laws for spanking. In Texas spanking is only illegal if you leave marks on your child such as bleeding or bruising. Here in California, parents are allowed to spank kids as long as they don’t do it to abuse and only spank for discipline. About 68 % of American parents say spanking kids should be permitted.

Do you personally think it is ok to spank kids? Why or why not?

How do your parents discipline you?

Why is spanking different for boys versus girls ?

What should make a parent want to stop spanking their kids?

What tool should be used for spanking?


Is spanking ok?
Is spanking ok?
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