Teens Talk: How Do You Do Thanksgiving?

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Autumn TurkeyThanksgiving, a week from yesterday, is right around the corner. With it, come promises of good food and family meals. But every person I know has a different tradition for Thanksgiving. My parents are both teachers, so we usually have visiting students and teachers over. For example, last year, I met Crescente, a Chilean bass player. He told us stories about growing up in Chile, and getting into funky bass styles there, and about the differences between Berkeley and his hometown. In my family, Thanksgiving is associated with meeting people from around the world and getting to talk with them over a good meal.




How does your family typically celebrate Thanksgiving?

Over the years, what has been your favorite memory of Thanksgiving?

What’s your very favorite dish to eat on Thanksgiving?”

What’s your favorite part of the thanksgiving celebration you do every year?

If you had to make one law for people to follow on Thanksgiving, what would it be?


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