Having a Parent in Jail

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By Kenyah

Over the past 4 years my dad has been in and out of jail. Him being in jail made my life harder especially since I’m a Daddy’s Girl. I got in more trouble in school, me and my mom got into more arguments, and I was just lost. Me not being able to see my dad whenever I wanted to was a struggle. I had nobody there to talk to that would understand me and get where I’m coming from.  But my dad going to jail also had a good side to it because it helped me get closer and bond better with my two older brothers James (23) and JaVonte (22). Six months ago my dad was done with his time and released from Santa Rita Jail, he was released a week before my birthday. So for my birthday February 26 he came to my house and surprised me saying he was back home for good. And ever since then he has been there for me whenever I needed him.


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