Gravity Falls Review

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Bill CypherBy Ana

Have you ever heard of Gravity Falls?

Gravity Falls is an animated series about two twins named Dipper and his sister Mabel Pines. When Dipper was assigned to put up signs to advertise his great uncle Stan’s tourist trap business, The Mystery Shack, he finds a journal hidden in the woods. It was filled with all of the mysteries and secrets of his town. This is when all of Dipper and Mabel’s supernatural adventures begin. They meet many paranormal creatures within, and outside of their town. This cartoon is brightly colored and has fun, cute, quirky and loveable characters.

There will always be an episode that’ll make you laugh. This show will keep you intrigued until the end. But once an episode is over, you’ll be left wanting more and more answers as you continue watching the series. But unfortunately, some of the content can be a little inappropriate or disturbing for young kids under 10.

I would definitely recommend watching gravity falls. Especially for those who love a good mystery, and a good laugh.

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