Graduation Speech

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By Joshua


My experience at Youth Radio so far is amazing. A few of my friends wanted to be recommended to this place during my time here, and  I totally would!  Along with a ton of other people if I can! Everyone around the area is fun and friendly to talk to and all of the staff try their best to help all of their students as much as possible no matter how frustrating it could all be. I’ve also learned so much about this place. Overall, it seems to be the best place to be, if you ever want access to anything, especially music! I came here because I wanted to learn more about computer coding and app making. So far, I’ve only learned a little and I hope to learn more, but the programs that they set me up with I’ve learned alot from and for that, I thank the staff. This is a great place and I wish for more people to come and experience it as well as I did! As of now, I would like to make a shout out to all of my friends that respected my time management. They let me work at this wonderful place and still managed to be friends with me. Everyone knows how hard it is to come by friends nowadays. I would also like to thank my mother for helping me in succeeding this far and the rest of my family for pushing me to get this far. And (sorry staff of Youth Radio….) but I would like to give MVP worker status (in my book) to Allen. Not only because he was the person that I worked with the most, but also because he was the one person that would push everyone to do their best, no matter how distracted they get. He always hopes for the best, no matter how frustrated he gets. And to add, I probably would still be on probation if I didn’t have Youth Radio to give me  something to do in the evenings.Next session, I’m looking forward to completing my Match II Keystone Project and l plan to learn more about coding and programing, no matter the cost.

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