Go see Ant-Man

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By Imani

Recently I went to the movie at Jack London Square theatre to watch Ant-Man. It was not my first choice but I gave it a chance.  Ant-Man was about  a guy named scott lang played by Paul Rudd. He was a master thief that just got  out of prison.Lang becomes Ant-Man, trained by the creator of the suit. The suit allows him to shrink in size, and gain superhuman strength and control an army of ants.

I would have to say that Ant-Man was a good movie.

The story to the movie was good but , the theme of the movie stayed Marvel and really didn’t have any back story for the characters.I think that there could have been more of a story with scott and his ex-wife.Some of the things that I  didn’t really like was that every couple of scenes they would say something about the other Marvel movies. Which I didn’t like because I want to think more about Ant-Man and not about the other Marvel movies.

Over all Ant-Man was a good movie and great to watch with the family. I would recommend this movie to everyone out there not just because it is a superhero movie but because about right and wrong and how the good guy always win.


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