Future’s “Purple Reign” is Supreme

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By Milli

American hip hop artist Future dropped a mixtape on January 17th, 2016 called ‘Purple Reign.’ ‘Purple Reign’ was produced by DJ Esco and Metro Boomin. The mixtape consist of 13 tracks. The font on the front cover was the same font used on Prince’s cover of ‘Purple Rain’ in 1984.The mixtape has a total length of 42 minutes and 9 seconds.

In the title track, Future describes “lean” as his girlfriend. He says how much he needs it repeatedly in the song and also speaks of how his life has changed. He describes how he’s getting bigger and people want to see him mess up his life. He states that he’s around fake people and acknowledges it. The tracks tell how his life is currently. He’s saying all he needs in his life is his “girlfriend” and nothing else.Future

This song is slightly slow and kind of depressing.It does have a good flow of lyrics and a really nice beat.He does take his emotions out on this song which makes it really personal and some people may be able to relate to him and how he feels.It can be uplifting and motivating depending on how your perception is of it.

I recommend teens and adults for this mixtape. Due to vulgar language and actual clear understanding of the lyrics. If you like trap music this would also be the mixtape to listen to. In my opinion, all of Future’s music is great.

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