Review: Forever21

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By Jioni A.

Forever 21 , Myeong-Dong

One day my friend was telling me about a store called Forever 21. The way she described it made me want to go immediately. I finally decided to go and when I walked in I was in heaven. The cutest clothes everywhere. Shirts, pants, blazers, jewelry, shoes, skirts if you want it they got it in all sizes and colors too. What really caught my eye that I liked was the colors of the clothes in the store. I swear there was something of each color in there. I also like the way that they’re always up to date with the newest trends.

Unlike like other stores Forever 21 also does make-up. Besides all the good things the only flaw they have is the jewelry doesn’t last very long. If you wear it often it turns colors. Forever 21 was founded by Do Won Chang and  his wife Jinsook Chang. The first Forever 21 opened on April 21, 1984. Besides Forever 21, the company owns many stores with different formats like xxl Forever, For Love21, Love 21, 21 Men. If I could I’d visit them all. I’m sure they’re all fantastic like Forever 21. If you havent been there, I suggest you go soon.

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