Experiencing The Struggle Of My Country

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In my country Burma we had a lot of war and the people were struggling a lot. It is really hard for  them because in my country there is no peace for  people. There is a lot of violence. There are two different armies who are fighting each other. The two different armies are call Karen Army and Burmese Army. They both are fighting for the freedom and to take over the country. They are  killing each other. There are a lot people who are live in the country and village and when the war started the cause of the problems is the people who lived there were getting hurt too. They have to run away and find a safe place to stay. This was really hard for them because there is no food, no place to hide, and they have to find a place in the jungle to stay for a while. That was hella complicated because the children are hungry and as you know in the forest there is no food. When they come back to their village  and they see the village is all gone by burning from the enemies and they have to build their village again.

Also in my home country you don’t have freedom or opportunities to do things as you want. It is really hard for the family and children to go to school and earn education because there is no chance. That is why I don’t like to live in my home country because for example, if I live in my country I have to face a lot evil the struggle. Therefore, I skip from my home country and to find a better place.

Then me and my family moved to Thailand refugee camp to live there for a couple of years. After that, my family decide to immigrant to the United States but we needed the document to come to the U.S. The UN worker helped us but we had to wait a couple of years. After a while the UN who work for us sent us to the United States but when we first came here we didn’t know anything because it was a new place for us. Also it was really hard to understand English because English is not my first language.

When I started to going to school the first day was really difficult for me because the language here is so different from my home language. I couldn’t understand anything. Is was really hard for me. But I tried to go to school every day and I started to learning new things. Then I really enjoyed it because this country is a great country because your have equal rights, freedom, and opportunity. You can go to school, work hard, earn an education, make plans for your future.  You can still continue to go school and learn more or you can just find a job of your choice to make chance from yourself. 

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