Effects of Sexual Assault

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No Means NoSexual assault dramatically affects someone’s life. It’s something no one should have to live with. You shouldn’t feel helpless. You shouldn’t have to walk down the street and feel so uncomfortable to pass by men or random cars or even feel unsafe in your own home.

I know for myself that being a rape victim is not a good feeling. One day when I was down the by the lake with a friend things quickly went downhill, and its a day I never forget. It takes a part of you and even changes you mentally. I feel like it’s harder for teens to deal with sexual assault because you don’t know if you can ever go back to living a normal teenage life. All you can do is hope things get better and you heal through the process slowly.

According to National Sexual Violence Resource Center, about 91% of rape victims or any type of sexual assault are females. More than one-third of women who have been raped as youth also go through rape as an adult, and since many people are scared to speak up, almost 65% of sexual assault or rapes go unreported to police.

People feel like there is no one to turn to because they’ll be judged or looked at differently like they won’t be seen as a person but as a victim. Mentally it can tear you down and leave you broken. People should speak up and tell someone because sexual assault is not something you should keep to yourself. After speaking to two of my closest friends,and my case manager Stefan I had so much relief because I felt like I released so much anger that I was holding in.

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