Don’t Stay In School

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School BusBy Juan

A while back there was a video that went viral called “don’t stay in school”, basically it talked about how mostly all school systems rely  on test scores, more than real life applications, like buying a house, and paying bills, taxes, etc. Basically the video meant that to school systems, how highly you perform on a test is more important than how you perform when you are introduced to the real world. In this song some of the lyrics where “I wasn’t taught how to get a job, but I can remember dissecting a frog.” This is actually very important to me because this video made me realise how much my parents had to teach themselves in order to provide for me and my siblings.

In school I am currently learning subjects like english and biology, instead of having classes like home economics. Being something mandatory for passing because that could be the only real important class for life other than mathematics.

It also starting to make me think of how lost I could be once I get out  of high school, it honestly hurts me to think of how many people have fallen on hard times because of the particular way the current school system has. Having all of these so called important subjects matter more than knowing the laws for the country we live in, which is in my opinion ridiculous.

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