Do you listen to that Do You Listen To That Church Music?

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In today’s society a lot of the young crowd and others don’t like to hear Gospel music. They either find it boring to listen to or it’s just not their taste in music.

Gospel music is christian based music performed for worship and entertainment purposes. It is deeply rooted in African American culture. A majority of 10 percent of people listen to Gospel music according to Pastor Robert Robinson.

I don’t listen to Gospel music because it’s not my style of music, and I am not a christian but I do understand the cultural importance. Were discussing this because I want to know what teens think of gospel music.



How often do you hear gospel music?

Do you or anyone you know listen to gospel music and is it motivated by faith?

Do you often hear Gospel music in your everyday life? If you did how would it make you feel?

Is Gospel music entertaining to you? why or why not?


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