Deportation is Bad for Families

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Deportation is wrong because people escape out of Mexico because of the law and the corruption there. It will tear apart families and relationships. My family will be separated from me. I don’t think the US needs to deport undocumented immigrants because there is enough room here and they aren’t hurting anyone. They are more afraid than they are disgraceful.

They should help them get their green card.

My dad was deported when I was 7 and that was not a fun time. The vibe changed. I was much closer to my father than my mother. Our family was in tears for a few months. We lost contact and I have not seen my dad since.

Feelings, people and relationships matter more than a person’s legal status. Separating families is always emotional.

The New York Times reported that the deportations agency has two hundred thousand employees and under President Trumps new administration ten thousand more will be hired.

This shows that he plans to deport way more than president Obama. And it was hard then.

The families that are going through feel as if someone is leaving you and never coming back.

If deportation is motivated by money, I hope President Trump realizes how much money immigrants add to the economy.


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