Dear Land of Oak

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Dear Oakland,



New year new you, right? I’m not one to judge because I know I’m not perfect myself. But I would like to write this letter to you about things you should self-analyze. Every corner I see you on, you smell like weed, talking nonsense to the youth. Your dress code isn’t as appropriate as it should be for a philosopher, as old as you are. You’re an attractive person inside and out like Beyoncé, and the sound of your voice is as soothing as her new album. Don’t get me wrong or anything because I think of you as one of the top 5 ranked inspiring people in the U.S.  But the thing is what you tell the youth gets done, and what’s being done isn’t all that good.  I see you teaching them violence which is not like you at all.

The youth look up to you, so be a leader instead of the next Koney 2012. Lead them with a paintbrush and be their canvas. So far so good since 2014 has started. I’ll give you that.  Not everyone is on your side and you shouldn’t change for anyone. But in order for you to be apart of your community that you built, you should consider changing your ways like Berkeley. Berkeley isn’t perfect but makes an effort.

Even though you’re an inspiring person, it doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired. Baby steps are all were asking you for. For the protection and well being of the community. If your not willing to meet us half way, then don’t start your journey to recovery. You can do it because we will all support you. After all, we are all one community.

Till next time,



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