Dear Berkeley

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Night view from Berkeley By Simone

Dear Berkeley,

I know that you are fun and caring, and that you have housed the movement and protests at the UC Berkeley campus. I know that you provide the best education. From Berkeley High School, to the big UC campus up the street known as Shattuck Avenue. I like the smells of your eatery places on Shattuck and Telegraph. The smell of Papa Johns pizza as I walk by. I love the way your people dress from hipsters to casual and everything in between. Berkeley is like an energy ball as bright as the sun never dying down and giving off positive vibes. I despise the lack of money you can’t produce that comes out of our pockets to help build buildings for you. I would bring my best friends to your blissful night-lights of Telegraph where everything is bright. I would show my best friend the wonderfulness that you have shown me.



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