Commentary: The Flaws of Mainstream Music

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By: Cassandra

I’ve always been considered the ‘black sheep’, the ‘hater’, or an insensitive person’ whenever it comes to mainstream music, dances and celebrities. I think this ‘hating’, is a misunderstanding, since I criticize intelligently, rather than ignorantly. Mainly how corporations create music for fast money. The idea came to me when I was sitting in the car with my aunt, when suddenly Miley Cyrus’ new single, “We Can’t Stop” turned on. My aunt, who was driving, began singing the lyrics. I asked her why she was singing, knowing that most mainstream music and media are made for a quick buck, created for teenagers and young adults to buy. I tried explaining the ignorance of following the crowd, buying whatever corporations tell you to buy. But I got no real response besides telling me that I am wrong. “They are famous, they have money.”

Here’s my point, stop buying this crap! It’s important to understand that a younger audience looks up to or mimics these types of artists. Not all of them, but enough to state that this is a social concern. I can bash on Lil Wayne, Future, Katy Perry, or Nicki Minaj. What if I told you that these “artists” don’t care about you and only see you as another sale? Would you get pissed? What if I ranted that their music doesn’t define you, it’s not about you, and isn’t yours? Are you going to be defensive about that celebrity or song? One direction, Future, Nicki Minaj, or Katy Perry are all entertainers selling a product, meaning that you look like an idiot by defending a company that doesn’t even know of your existence. They sing about being yourself, to trampin’ it up at parties and driving under the influence because it’s Friday. I’ve been often criticized or being jealous, jealous of a celebrity’s fame, money, spouse, or reputation.

There’s no doubt there’s people thinking that right now. I’m not. I just hate stupid things no matter who created it. I criticize certain music because it’s not important and you can live without it. Really think about what you’re defending or buying. Most mainstream artists produce horrible music that has no real meanings such as, “Bandz A Make Her Dance”, “Ass”, “Last Friday Night”, or “Beez In The Trap.” I’ll highlight the fact that most modern day mainstream music uses the following: representation of a company and name shout outs; awful grammar used to force rhymes; repetitive lyrics with meaningless repetitive beats; the intentions of being “gangsta”; or songs about drinking, smoking weed, screwing women, being violent, or how they have more money than others.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate all raps, hip-hop or R&B, I just hate that most songs or artists focus on this part of life. On YouTube, there’s an amazing video of a parody song by Nick and Nas called, “Eat Dat Watermelon”. If you think I’m insane and just another person “hatin” listen to this powerful quote from them. “There’s a great distress in the rap universe. There was a time when hip-hop was a form of empowerment. Now the corporate world is quickly diluting our culture for nothing more than profit.”

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