Change Perchance?

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By Tree

English Country RoadsChange is a constant force at work in the universe. Cycles are undergone and repeated. Variation is inevitable. The sun setting and the moon rising; a shift from day to night is an alteration to the world, however insignificant it may seem. Life tends to be full of changes. I, roughly a year ago, experienced a grand derailment of my everyday life. Until that moment I had spent my childhood on Maui, a small island which is part of a chain in the central Pacific Ocean. Sandy beaches, rolling forests, and dense jungles were bountiful.   

For fifteen years I prospered there. I made many friends and some enemies, I learned the layout of the land and of the creatures inhabiting it. All of this familiarity was one day wrenched away from me. This occurrence was due to the agenda of others, I had no choice but to leave. My countless kin and comrades were left behind. That life altering day came when I emplaned to begin a journey to a new land, the bustling city of San Francisco. Upon my arrival I was met by the faces of strangers. The unknown surrounded me and the only recognizable feature was that of the face of my mother. There were many concrete buildings, standing tall and strong in this new land, casting dark, ominous shadows across the grounds below.

I longed for my native home and the places and people that I knew so well. I refuted my current position and choose to bury myself in more pleasant written and digital worlds, ignoring the situation at hand. I had grown comfortable with the small world that I had created for myself. It encompassed only a small portion of life and ignored all that could be. This was because all that was new was also unknown to me and thus frightening. At last, and with the aid of others, I ventured out into the unfamiliar. I engaged in opportunities that the mere ideas of which I found deterring due to my meekness and unwillingness to attempt new things.


Despite how different this contemporary home was, overtime I began to change. Adapting to this new environment presented itself as an essential component if I was to continue on. Life changes often, presenting new challenges and situations. Through this unavoidable process things can be both lost and gained.

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