Ceelo Green’s ‘Robin Williams’ honors late actor

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Ceelo Green made a song called ‘Robin Williams’  he passed away two years ago and this song dedicated to him, I first heard this song on Spotify today.  I like how in the beginning of the song the beats start off really powerful. It gets your attention he is using falsetto reset the rest of the song is voice  is low and a strong chorus at the end of the song it end  his voice again jumps to falsetto. I like the lyrics of because in the course of the song Ceelo say “We don’t know what the next man’s going through life reminds me of Robin Williams.” I think he’s talking about we don’t want to assume someone’s life.

I want to know what made him write this song now. I’m not a big fan of repeated lyrics  it’s not just this song I just don’t like repeating lyrics overall in songs. The thing that bugs me the most in this whole song is at the end when Ceelo  says Robin William’s name. He says it in a depressing way like he was close friends with Mr.Williams I would recommend to close your eyes and listen to the song and take notes on things you liked about the song and disliked.


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