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By Ivy

I was living being called something that wasn’t true. During elementary and middle school, I suffered everyday of my life with these names. I still see the bullies to this day; pushing me to the ground calling me these names I was branded with: fat, ugly, retard. The older I got the worse they became: whore, worthless, lesbo, and the b word. I was pushed to the ground, my face shoved in the dirt, told I was never good enough or I should just die. Why did I feel like I deserved this, even though I never did anything wrong? I was depressed, sad, and even scared. I couldn’t even tell my parents because I was afraid of how they would react. I thought I was pushed into this hole, which I thought was hell, but in reality I jumped in. I let these people brand me with names; I never fought back for myself. My realization was I don’t deserve this; I don’t deserve these tags that followed me. I was fed up, so I finally fought back. I told them to leave me alone, go away. I refused to let their words affect me anymore. I ignored them eventually. I refused to let their words have that power to control me. In the end I figured out I shouldn’t let them call me names. I didn’t deserve that. No one deserves that.  I was bullied through words and actions. The affect it had on me was making me feel like I wasn’t worth it and it made me depressed.  3446331915_0eeb938060_o Through this experience, I learned bulling isn’t right; no one should suffer from being bullied!


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