Broken Trust

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3155400274_cc3fca8930_q-2By Imani

Trust is the belief that someone or something is reliable, good, or honest.

Many people say that it is the biggest part of any relationship. The thing is many people don’t know what trust is or how to proprely earn it or kep it. Many can pretend to be trustworthy but  end up being untrustworthly.

It was the last three weeks of my sophomore year. I had a group of friends we have been friends since middle school. We have been though so much together. I told them many things before and I never told anyone else that was outside our group, so when everyone at my school found out my biggest secret I was shoked and wanted to know which one of my friends told. I confronted all four of my friends and none of them wanted to confess and say who did it so I decided not to mess with them no more I told them that I don’t trust them no more and they were no longer my friends.

When I first heard people talking about my secret the first thing I wanted to do is get away from them. I just wanted to go home and go to sleep to start a new day. I felt that I couldn’t trust no one anymore. I felt like I was surrounded by fake people and people who I couldn’t trust. I wanted to do the same to them but thats not me because they entrusted me with their secret and I don’t what to beak that trust that I worked so hard to earn.

Trust is the most important thing. You as a person need to be trusted by others to build great relationships.

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