Beautiful Hair

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By Dakota

It all started when I was 14 years old, I was sitting in my room and I was thinking about how tired I was of these ponytails! It was 8th grade summer and I was going into the 9th grade and I just couldn’t dare go into high school with knocker balls, It was time for me to grow up and get my first weave.  I was so excited to get a weave so I just had to confront my mom and tell her I needed a weave ASAP! I already knew what kind of hair I wanted, how I wanted it to look and everything so I ordered the hair from and I went searching for answers about the weave making my hair thin or thicker, shorter or longer or even it catching on fire.

I found the out that the air doesn’t catch on fire unless it’s synthetic but the hair I bought was 100% Virgin hair so iI was safe. The only problem I had was with my mom she said I couldn’t get longer than 10 inches. At the time I didn’t really care becuase it was long and I was only 14 and my mom wouldn’t let me have longer. My mom made a appointment with the stylist. When I arrived to her house I wasBeautiful Woman so scared of how it would come out overall it took her two hours to finish my hair. As soon as she was finished I was in total shock because I looked so different and I knew this journey of having a weave wasn’t going to ever end.

The hair was so silky and straight. I felt like I was a whole new person because I had hair almost to my elbows! I couldn’t wait to go home and take so many pictures and post it on Instagram and I was even more excited to go to school and show my friends the new look. I hoped my friends didn’t think my hair made me look younger but made me look more mature. I got my hair like this because I felt it would make me feel older and wiser.


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