Are You A Compulsive Buyer?

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By Stella

Shopping- the purchasing of goods from stores. For many, shopping is more than just purchasing goods and material objects. Some view shopping as an outlet to treat themselves, a way to de-stress, or maybe to impress others with brands. But whether its another pair of shoes or a new outfit, are people slowly becoming addicted to shopping? In an issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry, the results of a telephone survey showed that an average of nearly 6 percent of the U.S. population are compulsive buyers. Compulsive buyers are buyers who cannot control their impulse to spend money or their spending habits. I shop when I need or want something new. But I wonder why other youth shop.

1.)How often do you go shopping?

2.)What are the reasons that you go shopping?

3.)What kind of things do you buy and do you need them?

4.)Do you think you spend too much money on shopping? How do you know?

5.)Would you consider yourself a compulsive buyer or a shopaholic?



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