American Dream

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By Nacho

Dream What is the American dream? Well, it depends on whom you ask. It may vary from being the wealthiest man in the world to being a Yu Gi Yo battle master. It is viewed as the ideal life for someone in the United States and mainly has to do with upward-mobility. It may be a hard task, but every day everyone does something subtle to reach his or her dreams. I believe that the American dream is accessible to everyone because anyone can be self-determined and push through adversity in order to live the life he or she longs for. For example, Christopher Wallace a.k.a notorious B.I.G.’s dream was to become rich and famous through the art of rap. He illustrates his adventure to attain his American dream in his song “Juicy,” expressing vivid images of material wealth and content, like when he says “50 inch screen money green leather sofa” and, “damn right I love the life I live, cause I went from negative to positive and its all good,” while still saying “when I was dead broke man I couldn’t picture this.” However, not all dreams consist of these things. “The lost boys of Sudan” were a group of kids the faced atrocious adversity and turbulence in their home town due to government forces opposing ominous threats, forcing the boys to run for their lives. Their only dream was to escape Sudan, and obtain an education.

Everyone has an American dream. And seeing these two sets of people go through the hardships of life and persevere, shows that anyone can make it their American dream accessible to them, no matter what. People have different dreams because people are born and raised in various places. They might be raised in a middle class family, where they aspire to be like their parents, or they can be raised in a poor family in a bad place and dream to get out. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter if you wish to be a millionaire, a celebrity or capture every Pokémon card on the planet, anybody can be self-determined to reach the upward-mobility they aspire.

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