Action Thriller “Baby Driver” Is Impressive, But Not Safe For Babies

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‘Baby Driver,’ directed by Edgar Wright, came out June 28th and has impressed audiences, including me. ‘Baby Driver’ is an action packed, never ending thriller with high-speed chases, shootouts, and much more. Ansel Elgort plays Baby, an antisocial getaway driver for heists being pulled in the Atlanta area. Still traumatized by his parents’ death in a car accident when he was young, Baby decided to suppress his trauma with music.

Constantly ridiculed by his associates throughout the movie, Baby never seems to take out his earbuds, unless specifically asked. While being forced to drive for jobs by his boss to pay off debt, Baby meets a woman that he falls in love with, Debora, played by Lily James. Despite wanting to drive off into the sunset with her, he is forced into more highly dangerous jobs with very dangerous people. The manipulative character Bats, played by Jamie Foxx, is an angry, bloodthirsty criminal who eventually gets Baby to go against what he morally believes, killing.

The script is beautifully written, giving viewers insight into the personality of each character. Scenes are action packed with quick paced movements, and intense gun battles and high-speed chases. Each character has a dynamic to him or herself and is not single layered. Even though Elgort doesn’t speak too much, he played his character very well, and clearly spent time getting into character prior to filming.

The only noticeable flaw of the movie was the ending. It seemed rushed and didn’t do the rest of the movie justice. It was a disappointment compared to what the rest of the movie was. They really took the easy way out.

This is a perfect movie for people who love violence, action, and fast paced scenes with little breaks in between. Following the movie could be challenging for people who enjoy slower movies, but unless violence is a problem, this movie is a must see for anyone over 17. If you’re a ‘Grand Theft Auto’ player, this movie is the one for you.

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