A Teen’s Letter To Oakland #3

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OaklandBy Juan A.


Dear Oakland,

When I walk down your streets, I hear cars moving because your streets are so busy, it feels like I am in a sea of cars. I am so tired of all of the violence that keeps happening around me. People are rioting about the Occupy Oakland or Oscar Grant case or the Travon Martin verdict.

You can’t solve violence with violence. Oakland, you have a bad reputation for being violent and scary. People who aren’t from you often think that everyone here is violent and crazy, but a lot of us aren’t. Oakland, you are infamous for your violence. Some of the great things about you are that you have a lot of good places to go and eat, such as Ike’s Sandwiches and Togo’s. I also love that my school is located here, in downtown Oakland, close to my home. I think a lot of your new additions to Oakland such as the Art & Soul Festival and your First Friday, which are really great for the community. But I also feel that you are missing a lot of order that would help improve you. Some of your great places for people to visit are, the local Youth Radio station, the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza and your City Center.



A Concerned Occupant


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