‘A Seat At The Table’ Opens Up

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Solange’s 3rd album “A Seat At The Table” was released on September 30, 2016. The album was focused on black empowerment and the struggles of being black in America.

I loved the entire album from start to finish. The meanings behind the lyrics, using topics such as the black lives matter movement and cultural appropriation and the different sounds she used ranging from jazz to funk and R&B really intrigued me.

I also enjoyed the interludes she featured Master P talking about how he became successful in the industry independently, her mom Tina talking about being pro black and her dad Matthew telling his story about going to school during the times of segregation because they were very enlightening and inspiring. You learn about their struggles and how they overcame them in a positive light.  

The harmonies and the lyrics “don’t let anybody steal your magic yeah, but I got so much y’all” in the interlude “I Got So Much Magic (You Can Have It)” with Kelly Rowland and Nia Andrews were uplifting for the black girl magic movement. My personal favorite songs on the album are “F.U.B.U.” and “Don’t Touch My Hair”. I believe in 10-20 years this album will be considered a classic.

I would definitely recommend this album to my friends and family members if they were looking for something soulful or want something to think about when they are listening to an album. I think what people should take away from this album is knowing about yourself, knowing what’s going on in the world, and being proud of who you are no matter what.

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