REDEFINED: Oakland Speaks on Stereotypes

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This story is a part of Lit Mag: The REDEFINED issue.

Stereotyping based on race might lead you to believe that all Muslims are terrorists or all black people like chicken. Stereotypes based on gender might make you believe that all men are cheaters or that women can’t do certain jobs.

Some Youth Radio students went around Downtown Oakland and asked people if others look at them differently based on the way they are dressed, or by their race and gender.  One Oakland resident shared about her experience of shopping at Whole Foods, something we all do.

I am a young creative artist. I’m 16 years old from Oakland, California.  I’m a very hardworking and dedicated person. I like to get things done and feel unaccomplished if I don’t. My favorite kinds of music are 90’s r&b and hip-hop. I love music and listen to it every day, 24/7. I want to be able to help others and improve the society’s overall well-being. I’m going to accomplish this by going to college and becoming a social worker.

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