Youth Radio Raw: Youth Nation Episode 5

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Welcome to the fifth episode of Youth Nation on Youth Radio Raw.

Make sure you tune in every week on Fridays from 6:15 to 7:35 pm!

On this show, you’ll hear the recent news, personal experiences and a diverse selection of music.

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  • Ddu-du-ddu-du- Black Pick
  • I want You Back- Twice
  • Cheer up-Twice
  • Like-ooh-ahh-Twice

Newscast: Dex, Niles, Cyan, Shania

  • Wild thoughts – Rihanna
  • Broccoli -Dram
  • Walk it Talk it – Migos
  • Poetic Justice – Drake
  • Feeling myself mac Dre

Commentary: Elam, Byron, Shaniah

  • Senfiled theme song
  • Snail’s house – Hot mile
  • God gonna cut you down Cash Underrate – Megalovanid
  • Creeance near water – Fortunate

Commentary: Dex, Kyhiem

  • Bring it on Home to me- Same Cooks
  • I’d Rather go Blind- Etta Jones
  • Just Because – Lloyd Prince
  • Light Windows –
  • Mama said – The Shirelles

Roundtable: Chris

Social media: Cianna, Jaylin

Photographers: Anthony, Gavilan

Cover art: Prince, Taijee

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